New Heroes Arise

Character Portraits

I’ve recently added character portraits to your character pages, as well as adding the relevant physical characteristics that would be visible to all. These pictures are not fixed by any means; if you don’t like it, or have another you’d rather use, go ahead. I just wanted to have a picture for every PC or NPC in the system, and found ones that would work. John, yours is the only non-art one, mainly because I couldn’t find a tiefling picture, and there was a tiefling warlock figure in the Dungeons of Dread set.

As far as what is in the character descriptions, ideally I’d want anything there to be information the rest of the party knows. Essentially the little bits and pieces that you’ve shared with your traveling companions over the journey, around the fire at night, that sort of thing. You don’t have to divulge your entire history, but just put whatever you would reveal in the “getting to know each other” times that would happen with people traveling together.



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