Deceased paladin of the Raven Queen


12 str 13 con 14 dex 14 int 13 wis 16 chr

ac 17, 13 fort, 14 ref, 15 will spd 5 chainmail ac 17, class paladin of the Raven Queen

hp 34

Total XP: 2,265


Akta was raised in a convent, and was trained growing up to be a paladin for the Raven Queen. In a sparring accident she accidentally killed a fellow trainee. As both a penance and a chance to gain experience outside the convent she was sent on a two year journey.

Akta is very fatalistic in her outlook on life. She holds an intense hatred for undead and followers of Orcus. By preference she wields a morning star but maintains a longsword as a back-up weapon.

Akta also enjoys cooking and finds sewing to be relaxing and generally dislikes book learning.

Unfortunately, Akta died while exploring the Keep on the Shadowfell, on 15 Sowing, 467 NE.


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