Mellum Goldor

The married dwarf cleric of Moradin from Hammerfast.


Mellum Goldor

Race: Dwarf

Class: Cleric

Hp: 26 Ac:16 Speed: 5

Ability Scores:

Str: 14 Con: 14 Dex: 8 Int: 14 Wis: 16 Cha:14

Feats: Dwarven Weapon Training


Great axe

In general Mellum resembles a typical dwarf, somewhat short and stocky, with dark red hair, dark eyes, and a medium-sized beard. He wears simple brown pants, a blue shirt, and boots.

Total XP: 4,497


The Family

Mellum is the first son of Drellon and Belia Goldor. Growing up both parents were there for him besides the occasionally business trip from father. His father is a merchant for the mining guild in Hammerfast and primarily deals in ore to outsiders. His mother was a homemaker and primary caretaker, and teacher to her children of a middle class home.

Mellum has three siblings Trelvok the aspiring merchant, Gelda the sister who has married out of the clan,  and his youngest brother Delver the miner. Mellum never had any true desire to follow his father's path luckily his younger brother decided to take his place as heir, because Mellum looked up to his grandfather the adventurer.

Grandfather Astor was a warrior, and a strong devotee of Moradin, he was a poor growing up and tragedy had struck when he was a young (about 35) his entire family had caught the pox while he was out adventuring with  his party including Douven, some dwarves, and a Eladrin mage.  This is when he decided to take up the quest to leave a lasting mark , and make a clan to be loyal to, but first he had to earn the gold so he stoically kept adventuring through out most of his life.  He was a hundred and twelve year old widower when he died, and was still lower class, it was Mellum's father that got the clan to where it is now, and was quick to have children for a dwarf because he was a only child.

Growing up

He listened to stories from his then forced to be retired Grandfather, and Douven when he came to visit. This always inspired a desire to adventure,  and he would often explore nearby caves and such. His father had other ideas in mind as the first born, it is his responsibility to take up the business. So Mellum grew up learning how to be a merchant, and was taught as such, he had little choice because his religion dictated loyalty. However this didn't stop him from listening to the occasional harmless story, and a little fun exploration.

A terrible event  left him scared and he never explored the caves again though further cementing his fate as a merchant. He was helping load refined metal up into cart for a trip to Fallcrest when he first seen her. She was herding goats with her brother and father up into the mountain pastures, something about her broad shoulders , bulging  thighs,  long braided hair, and her commanding voice, he just had to go talk to her.


So he turned to the laborers and said "I'm going to back in a bit, keep up the good work and don't tell father, and I'll be sure to tip you a wee bit extra."

So walked up to meet the woman of his dreams when she barked "Wat in da seven Els do ye want?!"

It was then he noticed that her clothes were rough goat leather probably made by herself, and she had several scars, one in particular was a long half circle on her cleavage. She then gave Mellum a swift kick between the legs, and said "Quit lookin’ at me bossums ya dirty sheep shaker!". The brother and father snorted loudly as Mellum fell to his knees, and shook their heads as they headed on. He was the laughing stock of the whole crowd of laborers for the entire day, and that's how he met his wife Diesa.

The next time he saw her she was carrying a quarter of goat to a clan kitchen he quickly walked up beside her and said "I do apologize for last time, I was just so stunned at your beauty that I forgot to speak."

She snorted loudly and said "Ahh, da sheepshaker aye see, ya think yee are ah human now, talkin’ all fancy and such. Don boter wit me yur not me kind. Doh aye admit ye ar tuff to take a kic like dat!"

He paused before catching up to her again. "I bet you could cook that meat as well as you can carry it, and that you could wrestle a yak to the ground if you wanted to."

She grinned widly and said "Wats yur name, an why wunt ya stop kissin me boots fur?"

It was then through continued advances he finally got her attention and love. Though his father didn't totally approve, a woman is a woman, and that meant grandchildren in the future. It was after he married that his brother Trevlok desided to take his place as merchant. Mellum was then free to not become a merchant like his father, but he was married now, and couldn't abandon his family so he stayed.

His decision to become a cleric came because he wanted to be more important then just another laborer, and the guild wasn't looking for more constables at the time. He was already following the teachings of Moradin, and he wanted to see the world even if it was just for short periods of time.

Current times

Grandfather had just died when Douven came to give respects, he gave Mellum a great axe with the family coat of arms because Mellum was the only child of Drellon that seemed interested in his, and his grand father's stories. Mellum on the other hand was still training to become a cleric, and his wife was taking care of the first born, while preforming her other duties. 

A year or two passes and Mellum finally get to his trial by flames that leads him to Fallcrest.


Mellum Goldor

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