STR – 10

CON – 13

DEX – 16

INT – 18

WIS – 13

CHA – 10

HP – 23

AC – 15

FORT – 11

REF – 14

WILL – 14

NOTE: +5 Saves vs charm effects


Total XP: 4,485

Scarred and alone, he has spent the last few years wandering the woods trying to make sense of the tragedy.  He keeps to himself and tries to avoid prying eyes, wearing nondescript breeches, tunic, boots and hooded cloak, all looking serviceable but worn, letting them blend in well in the forest as well as in the common areas of smaller towns. 

Most mistake him for an elf or thin human, except upon closer examination, his violet pupilless eyes betray his true fey lineage.  Though he is marked odd d to his jet black hair which is foreign to most fey creatures.

It is obvious that his emotions are kept in tight control and tends to read about anything magical and look to inns and taverns for stories, though he asks about troubles in the area, he rarely asks specific questions.


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