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  • Hammerfast

    A dwarven hold cut from the rock of a deep vale in the Dawnforge Mountains, Hammerfast is the largest and wealthiest town in the region. The Trade Road runs through the citadel gates and continues eastward beyond the Dawnforge Mountains. * *Population …

  • Forge of the Dawn

    The primary temple in [[Hammerfast]], the Forge of the Dawn is a breath-taking structure, carved directly out of the stone of the mountains. Its most prominent feature is a large anvil, which is the main altar of the temple. The temple also contains a …

  • Platinum Shield

    The Platinum Shield is a relatively new temple. It was founded four years ago, primarily due to the efforts of the dragonborn population of [[Hammerfast]]. The temple contains a shrine to [[Kord]]. [[Hammerfast]] [[Main Page]]

  • Nenlast

    This tiny human village lies at the east end of Lake Nen. The fold here make a meager living by trading smoked fish to the dwarves of [[Hammerfast]]. They also deal with the Tigerclaw barbarians of the Winterbole Forest. When the wild folk choose to …

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