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  • Session Eleven

    *November 12, 2008*

    *XP Awarded:* 125 || *Total XP:* 2,539 *15 Sowing*, morning With [[:shinto]] safely secured in a cell, [[:epadraig]] sent out a rider to catch the party before they traveled far. Upon being informed that …

  • Ooze

    *Large natural beast (blind, ooze)*

    Amorphous creatures that live only to eat, oozes scour caverns, ruins, and dungeons in search of living or dead organic matter to digest.

    * *Nature DC 15* - Oozes are amorphous creatures with …

  • Session Twelve

    *November 19, 2008*

    *XP Awarded:* 150 || *Total XP:* 2,689 *15 Sowing*, mid-day After defeating the [[rat | rats]] and [[ooze | ochre jelly]], the party took a short rest before continuing their exploration. Most of the …

  • Session Eighteen

    *February 25, 2009*

    *XP Awarded:* 187 || *Total XP:* 4,455 *17 Sowing*, early morning The evil [[:kkalarel]] defeated, the party first took a break to catch their breath, then looked around the area. With the death of the …

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