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  • Replanting

    Replanting, again as one would expect, is the month in which the second major crop planting of the year occurs. It is also the time when summer truly arrives, and is celebrated with the [[Coming of the Sun]] festival on the ninth day. |

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  • Coming of the Sun

    *9 Replanting* (June 21) The Coming of the Sun occurs on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and is naturally a festival in honor of [[Pelor]]. It bears a strong resemblance to [[Springfest]] as far as the festival goes, in that people …

  • Day of Lore Released

    *2 Replanting* (June 14) The second of a pair of linked holy days, the Day of Lore Released occurs at the beginning of the month of [[Replanting]], when the crops so recently harvested are ready to be replaced by different ones. As with the [[Day of …

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