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  • Drake

    A drake is a carnivorous reptile that has a fanged mouth, clawed digits, and a serpentine tail. Some drakes move on two legs, keeping their forelimbs off the ground, while others walk on all fours. A few kinds of drakes have wings, and a number of them …

  • Guard Drake

    *Small natural beast (reptile)*

    Guard drakes make excellent pets and protectors, defending their masters until death.

    * *Nature DC 15* - Guard drakes are common pets with keen senses. In the wild, they're pack predators not …

  • Spitting Drake

    *Medium natural beast (reptile)*

    This cunning reptile spits acid, hence the name. In the wild, spitting drakes attack without provocation, but they can be domesticated and trained. They instinctively focus their attacks on one target at a …

  • Session Five

    *September 3, 2008*

    *XP Awarded:* 300 || *Total XP:* 1,390 * Homework Bonuses ** Session Four - 13 XP - [[:xtravok | Travok]] *14 Sowing*, mid-morning After looting the bodies of the [[goblin | goblins]], the party …

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