Breath of Avandra

4 Declarations (April 21)

The Breath of Avandra is the day on which people publicly state their intentions to make improving changes in their lives, whether as large as moving to a faraway town, or as small as drinking less ale. The name comes from those who say that the goddess breathes into those who promise change, granting them the strength and will to enact their desired changes. (Think of it as a day to make New Year’s Resolutions)

Most communities celebrate the holiday very casually. Those who do not have much to do with Avandra usually find it a time for amusing jokes and announcements of change clearly beyond the speaker’s power to achieve. Nothing too outrageous, of course, since Avandra might take offense, but still not true declarations of improvement.

In places where the goddess of change is worshiped, however, the day is a bit more serious and formal, though still full of good-natured fun. No frivolous vows are made, and those who do promise to change are seriously dedicated to that change. If they fail, it is not because they never intended to change in the first place, but due to weakness or other circumstances beyond their control. In such communities, the clergy of Avandra are bound to help as much as they can, but not overly much – the goddess wants people to change their own lives, not simply have others do it for them.

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Breath of Avandra

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