Council Meeting

3 Frosting (November 3)

Very near the beginning of each year, the followers of Erathis gather together to decide how they plan to improve their communities over the following year. Some less structured cities have a fairly chaotic gathering where only major issues get decided, but the majority of the followers of the Lawgiver are fairly organized and orderly, and create a very detailed plan of action.

Depending on their various positions within the city, some groups focus more on certain areas than others. Due to their usually intense sense of civic duty, however, many followers of Erathis are at least minor members of the local government of their communities, and thus have a decent hope of being able to affect real change.

Regardless of social position, however, everyone has something to contribute. After all, a city is not made up of only its leaders, but of all the people who make it work on a day to day basis – craftsmen, clergy, laborers, shopkeepers, everyone. Thus everyone has something to do, some way to make their city a better place to live in, thus honoring the Cityfounder.

Many cities have such a meeting once per month, or as often as they can manage to gather enough people, but the Council Meeting is the only formal day on which it happens.

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Council Meeting

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