Day of Lore Released

2 Replanting (June 14)

The second of a pair of linked holy days, the Day of Lore Released occurs at the beginning of the month of Replanting, when the crops so recently harvested are ready to be replaced by different ones. As with the Day of Lore Absorbed, this symbolizes returning the knowledge one has acquired to the world, so that it may spread.

The faithful are required to impart whatever they learned on the Day of Lore Absorbed to other people, as many as they wish or can reach, but at least one person. The exact methods vary based on individuals, locations, and exactly what information is involved, but at day’s end, the knowledge must have been shared with someone else. What that person does with that knowledge is of no consequence, but it is expected that a true follower of Ioun will select an appropriate person, one who will at the least appreciate what she has been taught, and perhaps share it with others, thus ensuring it will spread far. Nothing pleases the Great Teacher more than seeing knowledge expand outward throughout the world.

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Day of Lore Released

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