Day of Sun and Moon

Date varies

According to popular belief, Pelor and Sehanine are involved in a relationship up in the Astral Sea, though they do not get together often. Whenever there is an eclipse, however, most particularly a total lunar eclipse, communities with significant numbers of their worshipers become very interesting places to be.

Feasting, dancing, yelling, drinking, and a surprising temporary lowering of inhibitions are among the least of what occurs on the Day of Sun and Moon. Many women go bare-chested, or at least very scantily clad, and ardent lowers can be found almost anywhere. During an eclipse, Pelor and Sehanine are believed to be…getting to know one another better, and their followers are happy for them.

The Day of Sun and Moon can be a disruptive time, but it is generally regarded as a break from whatever dull routines people happen to be in. More staid members of a community, however, often remain indoors during such a time, avoiding the excessive exuberance of the festival. Most, though, gladly partake, if only for the fun of a celebration and a break from work.

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Day of Sun and Moon

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