Medium natural humanoid (undead)

Ghouls have an unappeasable hunger for living flesh that drives them to hunt for victims whenever possible. Ghouls immbolize their foes and devoiur them while life’s warmth yet suffuses their flesh.

  • Religion DC 15 – Humanoids that indulge in or resort to cannibalism become ghouls when they die. Ghouls are also created through rituals. When a creature transforms into a ghoul, all the cares, concerns, and goals of its former life are washed away in an undead pulse of ravenous longing.
  • Religion DC 20 – Most ghouls revere Doresain, the King of Ghouls (and an exarch of Orcus). Doresain has a domain in the Abyss known as the White Kingdom, which is inhabited by ghouls and other flesh-eating undead. It is called the White Kingdom because every building is made of bones, and walking through its bone-dust streets kicks up clouds of white dust that create a fog throughout the city and coat things in white.

Basic Features
  • Darkvision – ghouls can see in the dark easily
  • Immunities – ghouls are immune to disease and poison, being dead and all
  • Resistances – ghouls are typically resistant to necrotic damage and vulnerable to radiant damage

Ghoul Ravenous undead horrors
  • Their claw attacks can paralyze a creature
    • 1d6 + 4 damage, and immobilized (save ends)
  • Ghoulish Bite – against vulnerable foes, a ghoul can paralyze and kill quickly
    • Immobilized, stunned, or unconscious foes only
    • 3d6 + 4 damage, and target is stunned (save ends)
  • Encountered In: Session Sixteen

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