Medium natural humanoid

Hobgoblins live for war and bloodshed, killing or enslaving creatures weaker than themselves. More aggressive and organized than their goblin and bugbear cousins, they see all other creatures as lesser beings to be subjugated, and they reserve a special loathing for all fey, especially elves and eladrin. Hobgoblins prize their possessions and make their own weapons and armor. Compared to their more brutish kin, they wear decent clothing and armor, and they maintain their personal armaments with care. Hobgoblins prefer bold colors, especially crimson and black.

  • Nature DC 15 – Hobgoblins live to make war. A typical tribe includes a mixture of hobgoblins, goblins, and bugbears, with the mightiest hobgoblin holding the title of warchief.
  • Nature DC 20 – A hobgoblin tribe is intensely protective of its reputation and military status. Meetings between groups from different tribes might turn violent if members aren’t restrained. However, a common cause can make hobgoblin tribes set aside their differences for the glory of a great war led by a mighty leader.

Basic Features
  • Low-light vision
  • Hobgoblin Resilience – strong and hearty, hobgoblins can shrug off many debilitating conditions
    • Immediate reaction, when affected by “save ends” effect, encounter – make a save against the effect

Hobgoblin Archer Basic hobgoblin ranged fighter
  • Coordinated Fire – hobgoblin archers work well when shooting at the same target
    • Whenever its ranged attack hits, a hobgoblin archer can grant a +2 bonus to an ally’s next ranged attack against the same target
  • Encountered In: Session Fourteen

Hobgoblin Grunt Basic hobgoblin foot troops

Hobgoblin Soldier Orderly formation fighters
  • Formation Strike – hobgoblin soldiers are adept at fighting in formation
    • Normal attack, and the hobgoblin soldier can shift 1 after striking, ending near a hobgoblin ally
  • Phalanx Soldier – hobgoblin soldiers work better in groups
    • +2 AC while adjacent to at least one hobgoblin ally
  • Encountered In: Session Nine, Session Fourteen

Hobgoblin Warcaster Force-wielding arcane hobgoblins
  • Shock Staff – a warcaster’s quarterstaff can discharge electrical energy
    • recharge 4 5 6; 2d10 + 4 lightning damage, and target is dazed for one turn
  • Force Lure – warcasters more their foes around the field of battle
    • Recharge 5 6; ranged 5; 2d6 + 4 force damage, and the target slides 3 squares
  • Force Pulse – warcasters can emit a blast of concussive force
    • Recharge 6; close blast 5; 2d8 + 4 force damage, and the target is pushed 1 square and knocked prone
    • Miss: half damage, no other effects
  • Encountered In: Session Fourteen

Named Hobgoblin Named foes are usually important and more interesting
  • Torturer (Session Six) (okay, not really a name, but same principle)
    • Wielded hot pokers…nasty
    • Had a suit of magical leather armor

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