Homework 1

July 30, 2008

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For this session, the homework is relatively light, something simple and, hopefully, fun.

  • When is your character’s birthday? How does your character celebrate his or her birthday, and why? Note that if you do not celebrate your birthday, I still want a “why.”
    • Travok Rockbottom: 27 Mid Harvest, 445 NE – I like to get up in the morning, thank Kord for another year, reflect on past battles, then get nice and drunk.
    • Morthos: Private
    • Mellum Goldor: 6 Snowfall, 414 NE – If at home I celebrate with a large guild hall feast. Any dwarf in Hammerfast is invited, and the feast is followed by a medieval style square dance, and ended with a speech that includes reflection on my recent life, and plans for the new year.
    • Paelias: Private

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Homework 1

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