Homework 3

August 20, 2008

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For the third session, the homework explores your character’s religious beliefs.

  • What is your chosen deity, and why did you choose that particular one? Give an example of a ceremonial act or prayer with which you typically show your devotion. How often do you pay service to your deity?
    • Paelias: Ioun. In picking up magic, Ioun believes that accumulating, preserving and distributing knowledge as well as seeking out ancient lore. The other reason is her teachings of perfection of the mind by bringing reason, perception and emotion into balance.
    • Mellum Goldor: Moradin – I’m a dwarf, and my god chose me. At sundown I sit on a clear patch of dirt, or preferably on a rock, and clutch my holy symbol while I pray. During the onset of spring I bless the soil for fertility. Every ten years I must travel to the highest mountain in devotion to my god to view his gifts.

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Homework 3

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