Homework 5

September 3, 2008

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Session Five explores the moves your character uses in combat.

  • Give a brief description of one fighting move or magical attack gesture that your character uses often.
    • Mellum Goldor – My symbol glows and I make an attack swing at the ground at the target’s feet, then bam! The area where the target stands explodes!
    • Morthos – Infernal Wrath: After being hit by someone I get angry
    • Morthos – Ethereal Stride: In a flash of violet-white light I teleport to an area a short distance away
    • Morthos – Eldritch Blast: A blast of energy which is white intertwined with violet, red, and green
    • Morthos – Dire Radiance: A ray of violet-white lances out and instills a sense of foreboding fear in my target
    • Morthos – Dreadful Word: I point at my target and mutter a word of utter terror comprehensible only to my target
    • Morthos – Dreadstar: A ball of energy that twinkles like a star shoots from my hands toward my target, immobilizing him with fear
    • Akta – Enfeebling Strike: My weapon shimmers with divine light that drips down the weapon
    • Akta – Bolstering Strike: After striking the foe, I am surrounded by a faint silver light
    • Akta – Fearsome Strike: My weapon is overlain by the afterimage of a raven tearing into my opponent
    • Akta – Paladin’s Judgment: A bright glow surrounds me, and a light flashes after the strike
    • Akta – Sacred Circle: A ring appears on the ground at my feet, scribed in the language of the angels, and the ring stretches out to protect my allies

  • Give one sentence that describes what your character is about, an “iconic phrase” that encompasses your character in a nutshell.

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Homework 5

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