Session Eleven

November 12, 2008

XP Awarded: 125 || Total XP: 2,539

15 Sowing, morning

With Shinto safely secured in a cell, Lord Padraig sent out a rider to catch the party before they traveled far. Upon being informed that their recent acquaintance was being held and was possibly not of sound mind, the party decided to return to Winterhaven to retrieve him.

Upon arrival the party met with Lord Padraig and Sister Linora, who related the tale of Shinto’s recent actions. Lord Padraig also inquired after Travok Rockbottom and Raiann, noticing their absence from the party. After a bit of discussion, the rogue was released to accompany the party further on their adventures.

Shortly before mid-day, the party arrived back at the Keep, deciding to finish exploring the first floor rather than descending immediately to the lower levels. The day before the party had noticed a natural cavern to the south of one of the hallways, and went to investigate it further. The cavern was not overly large, but filled with insects and small lizards, as well as cluttered with rock formations, many stalactites and stalagmites which hampered both clear vision and movement.

Initially it seemed relatively harmless, but as soon as Shinto moved a little distance from the party, the ceiling disgorged large rats upon him – Mellum and Akta too were attacked from above. The rats proved little trouble, but only moments after the first squeak was heard, a large amorphous creature oozed up from the south – a crimson-colored blob of jelly or some sort of goo. The ochre jelly wreaked some serious havoc on the party, and Akta nearly perished from its acidic touch.

Vanquished Foes

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