Session Fourteen

January 14, 2009

XP Awarded: 158 || Total XP: 3,055

16 Sowing, mid-morning

After defeating the kruthiks, Paelias handed over Aecris to the new paladin, and the party descended once more to the lower levels of the Keep. There they discovered that while the room in which they first encountered the hobgoblins had been somewhat cleaned up, it had not been reoccupied. The bodies had been removed, the blood slightly mopped up, but no creatures jumped out to assail them.

They then proceeded eastward, down a hall which led to another passage south, and a couple pairs of double doors to the north. The first set of doors revealed what appeared to be hobgoblin beds, and the passage south led to a room with a large table in it.

At least, the party could see the table from the hall. When Shinto moved down the hall, he stepped on a floor trigger and caused a large iron portcullis to descend from the ceiling, effectively blocking their passage. Not much daunted, the party elected to explore the other set of doors to the north, behind which they found a number of hobgoblins. After a not-too-difficult fight, the creatures lay dead, and such meager treasures as they had possessed now lay in the party’s possession.

Vanquished Foes

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Session Fourteen

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