Session Nine

October 22, 2008

XP Awarded: 368|| Total XP: 2,259 (Level 3!)

14 Sowing, little after mid-day

Somewhat disturbed at the sudden appearance of the undead creature before them, the party attempted to convince the creature of their good intentions. Recognizing the sword as belonging to Sir Keegan, fallen defender of the Keep, the party spoke with him. They managed to convince him of their desire to keep the rift from opening, though Shinto and his continued greedy queries after “things of value” were an obstacle to this goal. Fortunately, the presence of Akta, sworn paladin of the Raven Queen, swung the balance heavily in the party’s favor.

In the end, Sir Keegan’s spirit gifted Akta with his magical longsword, Aecris, given to him by his king upon reaching knighthood, and the implement used when the knight slaughtered his family and friends so long ago. Sir Keegan hoped it would help to end the threat to the rift, and perhaps redeem whatever taint his own evil might have left upon the blade. He also suggested they seek Bahamut’s boon from the altars outside.

Taking their leave, the party spent 10 minutes or so under the dome, while Paelias performed a ritual to enable him to read the Draconic inscriptions on the altars. Once deciphered, they read:

The Platinum Dragon is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer. He is my stronghold, my refuge, and my armor against the foes of life – I need only kneel and offer him my praise.

Paelias then knelt before the southern altar and offered praise to Bahamut. Instantly, the light in the dome grew until it brightly illuminated the area, and shed dim light into the hall of sarcophagi. In addition, a small panel opened in the altar, revealing a small silver and platinum statue of a dragon, which Paelias took.

At that point, Shinto’s greed took over, and he went to the other altar and knelt to offer his praise to the Platinum Dragon, frantically hoping to get a statue of his own. When nothing happened, he went to the back of the altar and knelt again. Still nothing. Finally, he searched the altars thoroughly and, finding nothing, kicked one on the way out. Hopefully the Platinum Dragon is not offended by such actions…

Next, the party made its way through the rune-marked maze of tunnels to the north, triggering several runes before finally reaching a chamber to the north, with stairs leading down. Following these stairs led to a torch-lit room with hobgoblins guarding it, who met them with, “Shadow seeks shadow!”

Unfortunately, Shinto’s glib tongue did not supply them with the proper response, for the guards immediately shouted “Intruders!” and attacked. After a fierce battle, during which a deathjump spider emerged from the back and devastated Akta with poison, the party managed to defeat their foes, though both Akta and Mellum were seriously injured during the fighting, and Shinto was also badly hurt.

No homework for this session || Vanquished Foes

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