Session One

June 30, 2008

XP Awarded: 95

7 Sowing

Travok, Raiann, and Mellum arrive in Fallcrest, coming from Hammerfast. Mellum heads to the House of the Sun to check in, while the others go to the Nentir Inn to secure rooms for the night and see what they can find out about Douven.

Morthos arrives shortly after Mellum joins his companions at the inn, and Paelias a short span after that. The party discovers that they share a concern for Douven, and decide to head to Winterhaven to track down their friend.

Mellum suggests that Travok visit the Lucky Gnome Taphouse, and Raiann accompanies them, but they stay only a little while before leaving.

8 Sowing – 10 Sowing

The party travels along the old King’s Road toward Winterhaven. The journey is relatively uneventful.

11 Sowing

The party continues what should be the last day of their journey, and that afternoon are attacked by a group of small, scaly reptilian creatures. The heroes dispatch these creatures without much trouble, and continue on toward Winterhaven, with few questions about where the kobolds came from or why they attacked.

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