Session Thirteen

December 3, 2008

XP Awarded: 208 || Total XP: 2,897

15 Sowing, mid-day

Resting in the aftermath of the battle with the blue slime, the party discussed their options regarding their fallen comrade. ultimately it was decided to return Akta’s body to the temple of Avandra in Winterhaven, and recuperate from the draining battle.

The journey back to town was uneventful, and the party split up upon arrival. Mellum took the paladin’s body to Sister Linora at the temple, checked in with Lord Padraig, then returned to Wraftons Inn to rest. Shinto took immediately to his bed, having been most wounded during the fighting, and Paelias went in search of magic rituals, finding none that he sought.

Later that afternoon, while Mellum, Morthos, and Paelias were relaxing in the inn – at separate tables – a dragonborn arrived in town. Her name was Content Not Found: biri, an acquaintance of Mellum’s from Hammerfast. She had been sent out to keep an eye on Raiann, and provide whatever aid Mellum might require. Content Not Found: biri and Mellum spent most of the day catching up, filling each other in on their current activities. Content Not Found: biri decided to accompany the party on their adventures.

16 Sowing, morning

The next day, the party returned to the Keep, proceeding south of the room full of rats, where they discovered a nest of kruthiks living in a rocky lair of tunnels and concealed pits. After a relatively easy battle, the party emerged victorious, dispatching the vicious reptilian creatures.

Vanquished Foes

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Session Thirteen

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