Session Three

August 20, 2008

XP Awarded: 365 || Total XP: 585

12 Sowing, morning

The party continued on toward the kobold lair indicated on the map, and arrived after a short time. Many small figures were moving around outside the waterfall entrance to the lair, some around a strange circle of glowing runes. The party dispatched the kobolds without too much difficulty, but a couple escaped through the waterfall, crying about warning Irontooth.

After a short rest, the party entered the waterfall and found the kobold lair. They charged in, and were instantly surrounded by many kobolds, minions and skirmishers and a pair of dragonshields. There was also another wyrmpriest, this one capable of launching balls of fire.

The combat did not go well for the party. Luck did not seem to be on their side, and the decision to charge into the middle of the enemy did not make it easier to take the creatures down. Shortly after the fighting began, another figure emerged from deeper within the cave – a large goblin wielding a battleaxe and wearing chainmail and a wolf fur cloak.

For a while, the goblin did nothing but taunt the party and leave the fighting to his minions – indeed, he did not really need to take a hand, except to berate his injured troops when they tried to withdraw a little to avoid dying.

Eventually the party managed to take down most of the kobolds, and was faced with dealing with their goblin leader, Irontooth. Fortunately, Travok was able to land a few solid blows, and Mellum provided a flanking opportunity to the fighter.

Also, something unusual occurred. The wyrmpriest, who had left the cave to chase after a couple fleeing kobolds, returned and began firing balls of fire at Irontooth. Apparently unhappy with his situation, and seeing an opportunity to free himself from the goblin’s authority, he aided the party in taking down Irontooth, claiming a few items of treasure from the goblin’s horde, then leaving.

After the exhausting fight, the party searched through the bodies, finding a letter on Irontooth from Kalarel, speaking of a rift to be opened, and using the villagers of Winterhaven as food for servants of Orcus. They also discovered a sizable amount of gold and a suit of +1 dwarven chainmail in a chest in the back of the lair.

Tired and injured, the party made their way back to Winterhaven.

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Session Three

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