Session Twelve

November 19, 2008

XP Awarded: 150 || Total XP: 2,689

15 Sowing, mid-day

After defeating the rats and ochre jelly, the party took a short rest before continuing their exploration. Most of the party wanted to head through the passage to the south, but Shinto decided to examine the fungus-covered double doors to the west. Peeking in revealed a small room with a pool of stagnant water in it. A small pile of coins lay on a little bit of land in the center of the pool, and drew the rogue into the room.

Shinto made it across the water with no trouble, leaping the ten feet to the treasure. However, he apparently awakened a creature slumbering beneath the water – a large amorphous blue blob of goo known as a blue slime. After a harsh battle against the creature, the party managed to destroy it, but not without cost. In its death throes, the ooze exploded in a burst of acid, showering most of the party – almost including the badly wounded Akta. Mellum threw himself over the paladin, hoping to prevent the acid from dissolving her, and succeeded in diverting the foul spew. Unfortunately, the Raven Queen had apparently decided it was time to call Akta to her divine realms, for pleasure in shielding the paladin turned to dismay as her final breath rattled out of her throat. Akta was dead.

In the aftermath of this tragic incident, the party gathered up the items from the room, mainly coins, but including a potion of healing, a shield of protection, and a wooden message cylinder. Inside the tube were three sheets of vellum: a map showing the path to the Keep, one message to Kalarel, and a note about some kind of creature.

Vanquished Foes

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Session Twelve

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