Session Two

August 13, 2008

XP Awarded: 125 || Total XP: 220

11 Sowing, early evening

The party arrived at Winterhaven, and was directed to Wrafton’s Inn by the gate guards. There they encountered Salvana Wrafton, the proprietress of the inn, and Eilian the Old, a local farmer of impressive age.

Inquiring after Douven, the party learned from Eilian that the old man had sent the dwarf off with directions for the dragon tomb he sought, though Eilian believed there was nothing much there. The old farmer sketched a quick map showing the location of the “burial site,” wishing the party well in their search for the old fellow.

Mellum looked around the town a little before retiring for the night, visiting the local temple to Avandra. An acolyte there informed him that Sister Linora was out, but would be back in the morning, and that she was increasingly worried about kobold attacks in the area.

12 Sowing

The party went over to the temple to visit with Sister Linora, who informed them that she did not really know much, except that the kobold raids were getting a little bolder and moving slowly closer toward town. She suggested they speak with Lord Padraig to learn more.

After being allowed into Lord Padraig’s manor house, the party inquired after the kobold attacks, and learned that Lord Padraig himself was also concerned, but without the ability to raise a force capable of dealing with the threat. He asked the party if they would investigate and end the threat for him, promising 100 gp upon elimination of the kobold menace. The party accepted, and left following the map provided by Lord Padraig.

Shortly after leaving town and entering the surrounding forest, the party was once more set upon by kobolds. After a brief yet grueling battle, the party emerged victorious. Unlike the previous group, these kobolds had some type of religious leader with them, a wyrmpriest, capable of breathing acid, as well as launching acid at its foes. A search of the wyrmpriest’s body yielded a necklace with an obsidian dragon figurine; the bottom of the figurine bore an etching of a skull with ram’s horns – an abstract representation of Orcus, the demon lord of the undead.

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Session Two

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