Sharing of Secrets

8 Freeze (January 3)

Among the followers of Ioun, keeping secrets is very much frowned upon. Naturally, She Who Knows All understands if minor secrets are kept – private arguments between husband and wife do not need to be broadcast for the world to know, for instance, or a person’s secret love of sugary treats.

However, to honor the Learned One, once each year her faithful gather together to reveal to their peers something about themselves that no one knows. Should one of them have no secrets to reveal, they may instead share a bit of unknown lore or knowledge they have discovered recently. Most people will accept this, knowing that if that person has a secret and does not want to reveal it, Ioun will know and punish them for keeping it.

Generally, the Sharing of Secrets is a casual, friendly occasion, people gathering at a house, a library, or even an inn or tavern common room, and exchanging information in the form of anecdotes.

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Sharing of Secrets

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