Medium natural animate (undead)

Animated by dark magic and composed entirely of bones, a skeleton is emotionless and soulless, desiring nothing but to serve its creator.

Skeletons are often used as guardians in dungeons and tombs. They also serve as basic infantry in undead armies.

  • Religion DC 15 – Skeletons are created by means of necromantic rituals. Locations with strong ties to the Shadowfell can also cause skeletons to arise spontaneously. These free-willed skeletons tend to attack any living creature they encounter. Skeletons have just enough intelligence to perceive obvious dangers, but they are easily fooled and lured into traps.

Basic Features
  • Darkvision – skeletons can see even where there is no light
  • Immunities – skeletons are immune to disease and poison, being dead and all
  • Resistances – skeletons are typically resistant to necrotic damage and vulnerable to radiant damage

Decrepit Skeleton Basic sword fodder

Skeleton Warrior Basic undead foot troops

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