Starlight Concert

27 Sowing (April 16)

The only real holy day that followers of the Supreme Artist have, the Starlight Concert is a celebration of both spring and art. Despite the name, more than music occurs on this day. The faithful gather outside, preferably in a grove of trees where they can appreciate the full beauty of spring, and engage in a festival of art.

Some play music, others recite poetry, and others may dance or demonstrate sword techniques. Others, who focus on more tangible arts, bring paintings, sculptures, or other similar works of art to display to their fellow worshipers, provided that the item in question was created by that person. People do bring items they did not craft, but usually only for one of two reasons: either the creator could not be there but wished to share his work, or someone found an item of surpassing beauty and had to make sure everyone saw it, too.

Because the followers of Corellon take joy in every moment of beauty they find, they do not really need many structured, formal holy days. Springfest and the Starlight Concert suffice to honor their patron, who undoubtedly is happy enough with the lives they lead and beauty they bring to the world.

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Starlight Concert

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