A creature’s type summarizes some basic things about its appearance and behavior. Types are:

  • Animates are objects magically given life or intelligence. Animate creatures do not need to breathe, eat, or sleep, regardless of their origin.

  • Beasts look and act like animals, although they sometimes have a bizarre or monstrous appearance. Natural beasts fill the same role as animals. Beasts with other origins behave in the similar instinctive ways, though they are unfamiliar to ordinary people.

  • Humanoid monsters are usually bipedal, but some have monstrous or animalistic characteristics, such as the squidlike head of a mind flayer or the serpentine body of a yuan-ti abomination.

Magical Beast
  • A magical beast looks like a beast but acts like a person. Magical beasts often superficially resemble animals, sometimes with a human face or head, but are more intelligent (Intelligence 3 or higher)

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