Medium natural humanoid (undead)

Sustained by a terrible curse and a thirst for mortal blood, vampires dream of a world in which they live in decadence and luxury, ruling over kingdoms of mortals who exist only to sate their darkest appetites.

  • Religion DC 15: Contrary to popular folklore, vampires are not hampered by running water or repelled by garlic, and they don’t need invitations to enter homes. Wooden stakes hurt them, but no more so than any other sharpn weapon. A vampire does not cast a shadow or produce a reflection in a mirror.

Basic Features
  • Darkvision – vampires can see even where there is no light
  • Immunities – vampires are immune to disease and poison, being dead and all
  • Resistances – vampires are typically resistant to necrotic damage and vulnerable to radiant damage

Vampire Spawn Vampiric cannon fodder

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