Medium natural humanoid (undead)

A wight devours the life force of living creatures to assuage its hunger for the soul it has lost and can never retrieve.

  • Religion DC 15: Wights are restless undead that savagely attack the living, draining their life energy. They often serve more powerful undead creatures as soldiers and lieutenants. Wights typically inhabit the places where they died, although they are by no means bound to these locations. They also haunt tombs and catacombs, greedily hoarding any treasure they find.

Basic Features
  • Darkvision – wights can see even where there is no light
  • Immunities – wights are immune to disease and poison, being dead and all
  • Resistances – wights are typically resistant to necrotic damage and vulnerable to radiant damage

Deathlock Wight Controllers who shipe from the shadows
  • Grave Bolt – they can immobilize enemies with dark energy
    • Ranged 20; 1d6 + 4 necrotic damage, and immobilized (save ends)
  • Reanimate – they can bring their undead allies back to “unlife”
    • Ranged 10; reanimate lower-level undead allies
  • Horrific Visage – they can scare away nearby enemies
    • Close blast 5; 1d6 damage, and pushed 3 squares
  • Encountered In: Session Seventeen

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