New Heroes Arise

Character Portraits

I’ve recently added character portraits to your character pages, as well as adding the relevant physical characteristics that would be visible to all. These pictures are not fixed by any means; if you don’t like it, or have another you’d rather use, go ahead. I just wanted to have a picture for every PC or NPC in the system, and found ones that would work. John, yours is the only non-art one, mainly because I couldn’t find a tiefling picture, and there was a tiefling warlock figure in the Dungeons of Dread set.

As far as what is in the character descriptions, ideally I’d want anything there to be information the rest of the party knows. Essentially the little bits and pieces that you’ve shared with your traveling companions over the journey, around the fire at night, that sort of thing. You don’t have to divulge your entire history, but just put whatever you would reveal in the “getting to know each other” times that would happen with people traveling together.


Each session will result in a little bit of work to be done before the next. Nothing too onerous, just a question or two regarding your character to think about and answer. You can answer however is easiest for you – when you see me, send it to me as a message on this site, carrier pigeon, whatever. Let me know if you don’t want the answers posted on this site, because otherwise they will be.

Just go to the Official Campaign Log and check the Homework for each session to find it.

Private Pages

On each character’s wiki page, there is a link labeled for that player’s eyes only. I am trusting to each person’s sense of honor not to look at those pages unless for their own character. If a player has information too sensitive to be on those pages, they may keep it private as they choose, so long as they let me know and give me a copy of it to put on my section of the page.

Creating a character

It’s really simple – you click the “Create New Character” button on your account home page, then fill in whatever info you wish. You’ll need to select them as a PC in this campaign. I’ll be keeping detailed files on the characters in my secret GM-place, but you can put as much description in your character’s file as you want. Keep in mind, anything there is viewable by everyone, so anything you want to remain hidden should be emailed to me directly (or sent to me in a private message on this site), and then will make its way into the secret GM page.


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