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  • Hobgoblin

    *Medium natural humanoid*

    Hobgoblins live for war and bloodshed, killing or enslaving creatures weaker than themselves. More aggressive and organized than their [[goblin]] and [[bugbear]] cousins, they see all other creatures as lesser …

  • Bugbear

    *Medium natural humanoid*

    Big, tough [[goblin | goblins]] that love to fight, bugbears are the champions, picked guards, and muscle for more clever [[goblin | goblins]]. Bugbears take whatever they want and bully others into doing their …

  • Goblinoid

    In common parlance, "goblin" refers to a specific sort of small, ill-tempered humanoid, but the word also refers to related beings of various sizes, such as [[bugbear | bugbears]] and [[hobgoblin | hobgoblins]]. Goblins are as prolific as humankind, but …

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