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  • Frosting

    Frosting is the month in which colder weather begins to settle upon the land. Generally, the leaves are in the final process of changing colors and falling from the trees, and frost is often present in the morning. |

     1 Frosting  =   1 November … 

  • Council Meeting

    *3 Frosting* (November 3) Very near the beginning of each year, the followers of [[Erathis]] gather together to decide how they plan to improve their communities over the following year. Some less structured cities have a fairly chaotic gathering …

  • Celebration of Slumber

    *14 Frosting* (November 14) This day marks the celebration of the end of warmer months and the beginnings of winter. This festival is a bit more sober than the [[Celebration of Awakening]], a time for people to consider both what they are losing with …

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