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  • Bestiary

    *General Monster Information*

    [[Origin]] || [[Type]] || [[Keyword]] || [[Monster Abilities | Abilities]]

    *Aberrant Creatures* * [[Mind Flayer]]

    *Elemental Creatures* * [[Archon]] ** [[Fire Archon]] ** [[Ice …

  • Kobold

    *Small natural humanoid (reptile)*

    Kobolds revere [[dragon | dragons]] and tend to dwell in and around places where [[dragon | dragons]] are known to lair. They skulk in the darkness, hiding from stronger foes and swarming to overwhelm …

  • Goblin

    *Small natural humanoid*

    Goblins are wicked, treacherous creatures that love plunder and cruelty. They're not very big or strong, but they're dangerous when they gang up. They breed quickly and can live almost anywhere, from caves to ruins …

  • Hobgoblin

    *Medium natural humanoid*

    Hobgoblins live for war and bloodshed, killing or enslaving creatures weaker than themselves. More aggressive and organized than their [[goblin]] and [[bugbear]] cousins, they see all other creatures as lesser …

  • Bugbear

    *Medium natural humanoid*

    Big, tough [[goblin | goblins]] that love to fight, bugbears are the champions, picked guards, and muscle for more clever [[goblin | goblins]]. Bugbears take whatever they want and bully others into doing their work …

  • Goblinoid

    In common parlance, "goblin" refers to a specific sort of small, ill-tempered humanoid, but the word also refers to related beings of various sizes, such as [[bugbear | bugbears]] and [[hobgoblin | hobgoblins]]. Goblins are as prolific as humankind, but …

  • Drake

    A drake is a carnivorous reptile that has a fanged mouth, clawed digits, and a serpentine tail. Some drakes move on two legs, keeping their forelimbs off the ground, while others walk on all fours. A few kinds of drakes have wings, and a number of them …

  • Guard Drake

    *Small natural beast (reptile)*

    Guard drakes make excellent pets and protectors, defending their masters until death.

    * *Nature DC 15* - Guard drakes are common pets with keen senses. In the wild, they're pack predators not …

  • Spitting Drake

    *Medium natural beast (reptile)*

    This cunning reptile spits acid, hence the name. In the wild, spitting drakes attack without provocation, but they can be domesticated and trained. They instinctively focus their attacks on one target at a …

  • Gnome

    *Small fey humanoid*

    Gnomes are sly tricksters who excel at avoiding notice as they move between the Feywild and the world, driven by curiosity and wanderlust. When they are noticed, they tend to use humor to deflect attention and hide their …

  • Halfling as Monster

    *Small natural humanoid*

    Halflings are a civilized race of plucky, clever riverfolk welcome in many lands. Small in size, halflings are tougher than they look and fearless in the face of danger. Halflings live among other civilized races …

  • Human as Monster

    *Medium natural humanoid*

    Humans are the most diverse humanoid race in appearance, habits, outlook, motivations, and talents. Human settlements are found in every terrain and climate, from the depths of tropical jungles to the frozen polar …

  • Origin

    A monster's origin summarizes its place in the world's cosmology. Origins are: *Aberrant* * Aberrant creatures are native to or strongly corrupted by the distant alien plane known as the Far Realms. Many aberrant creatures have tentacles, …

  • Type

    A creature's type summarizes some basic things about its appearance and behavior. Types are: *Animate* * Animates are objects magically given life or intelligence. Animate creatures do not need to breathe, eat, or sleep, regardless of …

  • Keyword

    Some monsters have keywords that further define them. These keywords represent groups of monsters, such as [[angel]], [[demon]], [[devil]], [[dragon]], and undead. Others indicate that a creature is made up of or strongly linked to a certain type of …

  • Demon

    *Medium to Huge elemental beast/humanoid/magical beast (demon)* [[Bestiary]] [[Main Page]]

  • Archon

    Archons are militaristic creatures native to the Elemental Chaos. [[Bestiary]] [[Main Page]]

  • Rat

    *Small to Medium natural beast*

    Rats prefer to live underground, venturing aboveground only at night. They skulk in the sewers and dark alleyways of towns and cities, drawn by the abundance of food, and occasionally inhabit dark caves, ruins …

  • Zombie

    *Medium to Large natural animate (undead)*

    A zombie is the animated corpse of a living creature. Imbued with the barest semblance of life, this shambling horror obeys the commands of its creator, heedless of its own well-being. A typical …

  • Skeleton

    *Medium natural animate (undead)*

    Animated by dark magic and composed entirely of bones, a skeleton is emotionless and soulless, desiring nothing but to serve its creator. Skeletons are often used as guardians in dungeons and tombs. They …

  • Spider

    *Medium to Large natural beast (spider)*

    Stealthy killers hungry for blood, monstrous spiders haunt the dark places of the world. The largest of these giant arachnids are the size of elephants and devour anything in their path. Monstrous …

  • Vanquished Foes Session One

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 2 [[kobold]] dragonshields * 5 [[kobold]] minions * 1 [[kobold]] slinger [[Vanquished Foes Session Two | Next Session]] [[Session One]] [[Journal | Official Campaign Log]] [[Vanquished Foe Tally]] [[ …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Two

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 3 [[kobold]] dragonshields * 1 [[kobold]] skirmisher * 1 [[kobold]] wyrmpriest [[Vanquished Foes Session One | Previous Session]] || [[Vanquished Foes Session Three | Next Session]] [[Session Two …

  • Vanquished Foe Tally

    The party has thus far vanquished *217* foes, divided as follows:

    * [[drake | Drakes]]: 4 ** 4 guard drakes

    * [[elf as monster | Elves]]: 1 ** *Ninaran* ([[Session Ten]])

    * [[ghoul | Ghouls]]: 1 ** 1 ghoul

  • Vanquished Foes Session Three

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 1 [[goblin]], Irontooth * 3 [[kobold]] dragonshields * 20 [[kobold]] minions * 4 [[kobold]] skirmisher * 1 [[kobold]] slinger * 1 [[kobold]] wyrmpriest [[Vanquished Foes Session Two | Previous …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Four

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 1 [[gnome]] skulk, Agrid * 2 [[goblin]] sharpshooters * 2 [[goblin]] warriors * 2 [[guard drake | guard drakes]] * 1 [[halfling as monster | halfling]] slinger * 4 [[human as monster | human]] rabble …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Five

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 1 named [[goblin]], Balgron the Fat * 8 [[goblin]] cutters * 3 [[goblin]] sharpshooters * 5 [[goblin]] warriors * 2 [[guard drake | guard drakes]] [[Vanquished Foes Session Four | Previous Session …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Six

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 3 [[goblin]] sharpshooters * 1 [[goblin]] warrior * 1 [[hobgoblin]] torturer [[Vanquished Foes Session Five | Previous Session]] || [[Vanquished Foes Session Seven | Next Session]] [[Session Six]] [[ …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Seven

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 4 [[zombie | zombies]] * 10 [[zombie]] rotters [[Vanquished Foes Session Six | Previous Session]] || [[Vanquished Foes Session Eight | Next Session]] [[Session Seven]] [[Journal | Official Campaign …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Eight

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 28 decrepit [[skeleton | skeletons]] * 2 [[skeleton]] warriors [[Vanquished Foes Session Seven | Previous Session]] || [[Vanquished Foes Session Nine | Next Session]] [[Session Eight]] [[Journal | …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Nine

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 1 [[spider | deathjump spider]] * 5 [[hobgoblin]] grunts * 4 [[hobgoblin]] soldiers [[Vanquished Foes Session Eight | Previous Session]] || [[Vanquished Foes Session Ten | Next Session]] [[Session …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Ten

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 1 named [[elf as monster | elf]] archer, Ninaran * 2 gravehound [[zombie | zombies]] * 12 decrepit [[skeleton | skeletons]] [[Vanquished Foes Session Nine | Previous Session]] || [[Vanquished Foes …

  • Elf as Monster

    *Medium fey humanoid*

    Slender and agile, elves revere nature and roam the wilderness, hunting creatures that threaten their lands. Although they trace their origins to the Feywild, most elves consider the natural world their home.

  • Ooze

    *Large natural beast (blind, ooze)*

    Amorphous creatures that live only to eat, oozes scour caverns, ruins, and dungeons in search of living or dead organic matter to digest.

    * *Nature DC 15* - Oozes are amorphous creatures with …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Eleven

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 1 [[ooze | ochre jelly]] * 13 [[rat | giant rats]] [[Vanquished Foes Session Ten | Previous Session]] || [[Vanquished Foes Session Twelve | Next Session]] [[Session Eleven]] [[Journal | Official …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Twelve

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 1 [[ooze | blue slime]] [[Vanquished Foes Session Eleven | Previous Session]] || [[Vanquished Foes Session Thirteen | Next Session]] [[Session Twelve]] [[Journal | Official Campaign Log]] [[Vanquished …

  • Kruthik

    *Small to Large natural beast (reptile)*

    Kruthiks burrow through the earth, riddling the Underdark with tunnels. They hunt in packs and nest in sprawling subterranean warrens. Kruthiks dig tunnels that remain intact behind them. Often …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Thirteen

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 1 [[kruthik]] adult * 6 [[kruthik]] hatchlings * 3 [[kruthik]] young [[Vanquished Foes Session Twelve | Previous Session]] || [[Vanquished Foes Session Fourteen | Next Session]] [[Session Thirteen …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Fourteen

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 1 [[hobgoblin]] archer * 5 [[hobgoblin]] grunts * 2 [[hobgoblin]] soldiers * 1 [[hobgoblin]] warcaster [[Vanquished Foes Session Thirteen | Previous Session]] || [[Vanquished Foes Session Fifteen | …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Fifteen

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 2 [[traps | dragon statue traps]] * 1 [[traps | titan statue trap]] * 1 [[traps | whirlpool trap]] (cherubs) [[Vanquished Foes Session Fourteen | Previous Session]] || [[Vanquished Foes Session Sixteen …

  • Traps

    Many dangers encountered while adventuring do not result from creatures, but from cunningly devised traps. Of course, this section is not for detailing such mundane hazards as a tripwire or a simple pit in the floor, but for listing traps so complicated …

  • Homunculus

    *Small to Medium natural animate (construct)*

    Homumculi are minor constructs created to guard specific places, objects, or beings. They require no food or sleep, and they can maintain their watch indefinitely. Homunculi can understand …

  • Ghoul

    *Medium natural humanoid (undead)*

    Ghouls have an unappeasable hunger for living flesh that drives them to hunt for victims whenever possible. Ghouls immbolize their foes and devoiur them while life's warmth yet suffuses their flesh.

  • Vanquished Foes Session Sixteen

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 1 [[ghoul]] * 2 [[zombie | zombies]] * 12 [[zombie]] rotters [[Vanquished Foes Session Fifteen | Previous Session]] || [[Vanquished Foes Session Seventeen | Next Session]] [[Session Sixteen]] [[ …

  • Wight

    *Medium natural humanoid (undead)*

    A wight devours the life force of living creatures to assuage its hunger for the soul it has lost and can never retrieve.

    * *Religion DC 15:* Wights are restless undead that savagely attack the …

  • Vampire

    *Medium natural humanoid (undead)*

    Sustained by a terrible curse and a thirst for mortal blood, vampires dream of a world in which they live in decadence and luxury, ruling over kingdoms of mortals who exist only to sate their darkest …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Seventeen

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 1 [[wight | deathlock wight]] * 1 [[human as monster | human]], [[:kkalarel]] * 1 [[human as monster | human]], Orcus underpriest * 2 [[human as monster | human]] berserkers * 2 [[skeleton]] warriors * …

  • Vanquished Foes Session Eighteen

    Vanquished in this session were:

    * 2 [[zombie | corruption corpses]] * 1 [[ooze | gelatinous cube]] [[Vanquished Foes Session Seventeen | Previous Session]] || [[Vanquished Foes Session Twenty | Next Session]] [[Session Eighteen]] [[ …

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