Session Eight

October 15, 2008

XP Awarded: 200 || Total XP: 1,891
  • Homework Bonuses
    • Session Five – 6 XP – Akta

14 Sowing, mid-day

After defeating the zombies in the rune-marked halls, the party ventured southward, into a room lined with ten sarcophagi, at the end of which a dim starry light glowed. When the party moved halfway down the hall, the sarcophagi snapped open – and skeletons emerged from within them. The battle was not terribly difficult, but more skeletons kept appearing from the sarcophagi, until about half a minute had passed, then no more came out.

The party investigated the glowing area, and found a large dome with a painting of Bahamut flying through a blue sky above a pair of altars. There was also a green reptilian scale before one of the altars, which might have come from Raiann, or possibly a kobold. After taking a short rest there, the party was alarmed to discover that the sarcophagi once more began spewing out skeletons. These were dispatched with ease, and then the party chose to open the double doors past the altars, rather than remain for more undead to emerge.

Behind the doors, they discovered a relatively empty room containing a single stone coffin, carved with a figure in plate armor with a sword. Mellum began to open it, and the stone lid flew open on its own, revealing a skeletal form in plate armor with a sword, which floated into the air and challenged them.

“The rift must never be re-opened!” it croaked. “State your business, or prepare to die!”

Homework || Vanquished Foes

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Session Eight

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