3 Declarations (April 20)

This is almost a response by the clergy of Bahamut to the Breath of Avandra which follows immediately afterwards. While many people take the latter holiday seriously, and honestly intend to improve their lives, most people treat the day as just another time to get together and party.

Not so the faithful of Bahamut. While many participate earnestly on the Breath of Avandra, more believe Confession to be a more important day. During this day, followers of the Platinum Dragon are expected to review their lives and determine where they have fallen short in following their god’s commandments. Even those who are shining examples of the tenets of the Scourge of Evil do not hold back – instead of finding fault with their actions, they locate the places in which they could further demonstrate their god’s power.

Once a person has finished his introspection, he is then required to find another of the faithful and relate his findings, both where he has failed or not performed as well as he would like, and how he intends to do better in the future. Unlike the festival for Avandra, Confession is a private matter for the faithful of Bahamut – it is enough for a person to decide to change her life, and to share that conviction with another of the faithful, who can help her maintain her intended path, should she falter.

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