Elf as Monster

Medium fey humanoid

Slender and agile, elves revere nature and roam the wilderness, hunting creatures that threaten their lands. Although they trace their origins to the Feywild, most elves consider the natural world their home.

Basic Features
  • Low-light vision
  • Elves are notoriously accurate in combat
    • Elven Accuracy – free action; reroll an attack roll and use the second result
  • Elves can easily bypass many natural obstructions
    • Wild Step – elves ignore difficult terrain when shifting

Elven Archer A mobile ranged fighter
  • When moving, an elven archer is very accurate
    • +2 bonus on ranged attack rolls if the elf moves at least 4 squares from its starting point

Named Elf Named foes are usually important and more interesting
  • Ninaran, elf archer (Session Nine)
    • No apparent unusual abilities

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Elf as Monster

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