Feast of Derwin the Mighty

5 Watering (July 15)

Many centuries ago, there was a simple warrior named Derwin. He venerated Kord, and sought to prove his strength at every opportunity. He fought monsters, helped out wherever his might would be useful, and soon word spread of his growing strength.

He began to wander, seeking out those who oppressed the weak, and used his strength to defeat whatever challenges he encountered. After a while, as word spread of his increasingly impressive feats, his fame grew and people began referring to him as Derwin the Mighty, one truly blessed by Kord. Tales spread of how he wrestled bears, moved mighty boulders and entire trees by himself, and performed many other nearly unbelievable feats of strength.

Soon Derwin began having less and less contact with people, perhaps uncomfortable with their adulation. Word still flowed back, however, of even more impossible feats. Derwin’s legend has him wrestling giants and winning, moving mountains, and even defeating a powerful dragon with his bare hands.

Eventually no more word of Derwin’s exploits reached settled lands, and most people believed Derwin had left the world. Not died, of course. Some hold that he was taken bodily into the Astral Sea by the Master of Battle, and others say he waits somewhere for when his might will be needed most. A few, generally laughed at, say he retired somewhere to a small farm where he could live out his remaining years peacefully.

Whatever the truth, the legend of Derwin the Mighty is very much alive within the ranks of Kord’s followers, who honor the hero once each year with a great feast and many, many physical competitions. Arm wrestling, athletic contests, mock battles, and almost any activity requiring physical strength occur during the Feast.

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Feast of Derwin the Mighty

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