Feast of Io

20 Famine (February 12)

Occurring during the coldest part of the year, this festival celebrates the birth of Bahamut out of Io, an ancient dragon-god. According to legend, Io was in battle with an ancient primordial of great power, and during the course of the struggle, Io was split in two by the fiend’s mighty axe. Far from being defeated, the corpse of the dragon-god rose up as two new entities – Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, and Tiamat, the evil dragon goddess of greed. The two worked together to defeat the savage primordial, then turned on each other before returning to the larger battle raging around them.

The faithful of Bahamut gather on this day for a great feast, celebrating the Platinum Dragon’s birth, while at the same time remembering that an equal evil was released at the same time. Many celebrants offer fervent prayers that Tiamat will eventually remember her shared origin with Bahamut and renounce her evil ways.

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Feast of Io

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