Small natural humanoid

Goblins are wicked, treacherous creatures that love plunder and cruelty. They’re not very big or strong, but they’re dangerous when they gang up. They breed quickly and can live almost anywhere, from caves to ruins to a city’s sewers. They survive by raiding and robbery, taking every usable item they can carry from their victims.

  • Nature DC 15 – Goblins are cowardly and tend to retreat or surrender when outmatched. They are fond of taking slaves and often become slaves themselves.

Basic Features
  • Low-light vision
  • Goblin Tactics – very tricky to pin down in a fight
    • Immediate reaction, when missed in melee, at will – shift 1

Goblin Cutter Basic goblin fighters

Goblin Sharpshooter Hit-and-run snipers
  • Combat Advantage – sharpshooters are more deadly if they catch you off-guard
    • Deal an extra 1d6 damage on ranged attacks if it has combat advantage
  • Encountered In: Session Four, Session Five, Session Six

Goblin Warrior Typically fight at range, but will enter melee
  • Great Position – battlefield mobility increases their ability to inflict damage
    • If a goblin warrior ends its move at least 4 squares from where it started, it deals an extra 1d6 damage on ranged attacks
  • Encountered In: Session Four, Session Five, Session Six

Named Goblin Named foes are usually important and more interesting
  • Irontooth (Session Three)
    • Dual Axe – two attacks each round without moving
    • Blood Crazed – more damage and regeneration while bloodied
  • Balgron the Fat (Session Five)
    • Combat Advantage – +2d6 damage with ranged attacks with combat advantage

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