Halfling as Monster

Small natural humanoid

Halflings are a civilized race of plucky, clever riverfolk welcome in many lands. Small in size, halflings are tougher than they look and fearless in the face of danger.

Halflings live among other civilized races. They also band together in small riverside communities, fishing for food and using the river for travel.

  • Nature DC 15 – Halflings are resourceful rovers who use the rivers of the world as roads. They’re friendly and inclusive among strangers, and protective of their own kind. A reputation for hospitality but also minor larceny follows them.

Basic Features
  • Second Chance – halflings are notoriously lucky
    • Encounter; force an enemy to reroll an attack that hits
  • Small – as small creatures, halflings use weapons somewhat differently than larger folk
    • Cannot use two-handed weapons
    • Must wield versatile weapons two-handed, and do not gain extra damage from doing so

Halfling Slinger Ranged ambushers with deadly sling skills
  • Stone Rain – a halfling slinger can send a shower of stones towards its foes
    • Standard, recharge ?, three sling attacks at -2 each
  • Encountered In: Session Four

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Halfling as Monster

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