Homework 2

August 13, 2008

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For the second session, the homework will expand a little on your characters’ basic likes and tastes.

  • What is your preferred food? List at least three examples of favorite dishes.
    • Mellum Goldor: Roast goat on a spit, and a baked potato topped with goat butter and cream; Hardy dwarven soup with a side of barley bread; and Raw blind albino cave fish with a side of glow moss, a rare dwarven delicacy poisonous to races with weaker stomachs
    • Paelias: Simple meats (venison preferred) and vegetable dishes, dashed lightly with seasoning and vegetables lightly cooked (crunchy) or raw. Potatoes are not a necessity.

  • What is your preferred style of clothing, or a favorite specific piece? Describe.
    • Mellum Goldor: White robes – it’s a status symbol for the dwarven merchant class, but traveling attire consists of simple brown pants, a blue shirt, and boots.
    • Paelias: Simple traveling clothes, greens or browns, breeches, tunic, high lace boots and waste-length cloak with hood.

  • What are your typical freetime activities? Give an example of an ongoing project you pursue during your free time.
    • Mellum Goldor: Reading tomes, dancing the jig in the local tavern, and the occasional yak wrestling.
    • Paelias: Studying histories and researching new spells.

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Homework 2

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