Lunar Cycles

The cycles of the moon match the months, each month beginning with a full moon, cycling through to new and back to almost full for the next month. On the days listed below, the moon is in the phases indicated. The full, new, and half moons last four days, with the true phase occurring in the second or third day. For the others that last three, the middle day is when the moon is truly in that phase.

One special difference is on 29 Harvest, which extends the full moon to five days, and the full moon comes on that day, lasting for two more, before beginning to wax for 3 and 4 Frosting.

  • Full moon: 1-4
  • Swollen moon (waning): 5-7
  • Half moon (waning): 9-11
  • Sickle moon (waning): 12-14
  • New moon: 15-18
  • Sickle moon (waxing): 19-21
  • Half moon (waxing): 22-25
  • Swollen moon (waxing): 26-28

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Lunar Cycles

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