Ominous Signs

Grundelmar has received reports from his superiors in the church of Pelor that a small group of death cultist had been seen moving toward Winterhaven about a year ago, led by a man called Kalarel. Not able to investigate himself, he asked Mellum Goldor to go there and determine whether these rumors are true or not, and to naturally destroy such evil as he finds.

Start: Fallcrest, at the House of the Sun

Start Date: 7 Sowing, 467 NE

Goal: Travel to Winterhaven, investigate any cult activity, and put a stop to it, if any exists

Reward: 2,000 XP, as well as 250 gp for bringing back proof of the cult’s destruction

End Date: 17 Sowing, 467 NE

Results: Kalarel was slain, the attempt to open the rift was halted

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Ominous Signs

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