Large natural beast (blind, ooze)

Amorphous creatures that live only to eat, oozes scour caverns, ruins, and dungeons in search of living or dead organic matter to digest.

  • Nature DC 15 – Oozes are amorphous creatures with the barest hint of intelligence. They act instinctively and attack due to hunger or because something disturbed them. They use blindsight or tremorsense to perceive their surroundings.

Basic Features
  • Blind – oozes have no eyes
    • Immune to gaze attacks
  • Senses – oozes rely on alternate senses to detect food
    • Usually tremorsense or blindsight

Blue Slime Large watery goo
  • Solo Brute
  • Possibly immune to fear and charm effects
  • Blue slimes exude acid
    • Attack deals ongoing 5 acid damage (save ends)
  • Blue slimes have multiple attacks
    • Double Attack – make two basic slam attacks
  • Can explode in an acidic burst
    • Slime Eruption – standard; recharge 5, 6; close burst 3; 1d6+6 acid damage, half on a miss
  • Can emit horrible weakening vapors
    • Stench Pulse – standard; encounter; close burst 4; target dazed and weakened (save ends both)
  • Encountered In: Session Twelve

Gelatinous Cube Mindless cubes of goo
  • Engulf – they absorb enemies and dissolve them
    • Acid damage, immobilized
  • Translucent – hard to see
  • Encountered In: Session Eighteen

Ochre Jelly Mobile acidic slime
  • Ochre jellies exude acid
    • Attack deals ongoing 5 acid damage (save ends)
    • Has resist 5 acid
  • Ochre jellies are hard to restrain
    • Flowing Form – move; at will; shift 4 squares
  • When damaged, ochre jellies divide into two
    • Split – first bloodied, divides into two equal parts with same hit points
  • Encountered In: Session Eleven

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