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In case you read this before we gather on Wednesday.

Just some ideas to run by you regarding your background, subject to your approval. Mainly to make it all mesh together better with itself and the campaign world in general.

Thinking it over, I find the idea of an orphanage in Hammerfast very strange. It is primarily a dwarven community, a very family-centered dwarven community. Any dwarf orphans would be cared for by the other members of their clan, probably raised by close relatives or family friends. Among the dragonborn, I cannot see that they would let a dragonborn child be raised in a strange orphanage rather than one of the local families adopting her.

However, it only needs a little fiddling. Instead of being raised in an orphanage, and taught by one of the employees there, instead your rogue mentor was the one who took you in, and taught you what you needed to know. As a loner himself, it still allows for the lonely upbringing you want, and also fits into the society of Hammerfast.

Also, I’m looking at you having been left at his doorstep when you were about 4 or 5 (roughly 11 or so for a human). Wandering in his garden, wondering where your family was, until he noticed you. Young enough to need parental-type care, but old enough to understand that he was not your father. Besides, if you had been left as an infant in Hammerfast, and adopted, then you would regard your adoptive family as your parents, even if they told you otherwise later.

Naturally, you would have no memory of anything before that garden, as indicated on your sheet. And no one else in Hammerfast would have been able to tell you anything of how you came there. Even your mentor (who needs a name; I’ll give him one unless you have one picked out already) only knows he found you wandering in his garden, looking lost.

Also, regarding role-models. If you followed in the training of your dragonborn rogue instructor, it sure seems that he was a role-model who influenced your current life path.

And when did you meet Travok? Just recently, or a while ago? You said that as a child you had no friends, but Travok seems to be a good one, which indicates that you’ve known him for a while (though the fact that you live with him came as a surprise to Jason :-))

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