Small to Medium natural beast

Rats prefer to live underground, venturing aboveground only at night. They skulk in the sewers and dark alleyways of towns and cities, drawn by the abundance of food, and occasionally inhabit dark caves, ruins, and dark thickets in the wilderness.

  • Nature DC 15: Rats are sacred to Torog, the King That Crawls. Their presence signifies plague, decay, and collapse in decadent cities.

Basic Features
  • Low-light vision

Giant Rat Your basic big rat

Rat Swarm Many, many determined, ferocious rats
  • Swarm Keyword
  • They swarm over their foes, and any creatures near them
    • Swarm Attack – aura 1, free basic attack against creatures beginning their turns in the aura
  • Harder to kill with weapons, but area effects work better
    • Half damage from melee and ranged attacks, but vulnerable 5 against close and area attacks
  • Their wounds continue to bleed after inflicted
    • Attack causes ongoing 3 damage (save ends)
  • Encountered In: Session Four

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