Session Eighteen

February 25, 2009

XP Awarded: 187 || Total XP: 4,455

17 Sowing, early morning

The evil Kalarel defeated, the party first took a break to catch their breath, then looked around the area. With the death of the cult leader, the portal no longer throbbed as though something wanted to get out. Instead, the portal stood dark and motionless, though still radiating a sense of death and menace.

Shinto poked around behind the altar, from which Paelias took a book containing the ritual Kalarel was using to open the portal to the Shadowfell. Behind the altar was a large pile of gold coins, which Shinto gleefully retrieved. There was also a bag of holding, a wondrous magical item capable of holding a lot of weight while remaining light. Why the coins were not in the bag was a question with no answer.

After looking around for anything else of value or danger, and finding nothing, the party left the forsaken chamber and returned to the trapped statue room, to spend the entire day recovering from their battle.

18 Sowing, early morning

The next day, rested and refreshed, the party awoke to finish exploring the Keep. Returning northward from the statue room, they found the area behind the portcullis empty, recently abandoned. Apparently, the residents – probably other hobgoblins serving Kalarel – felt the lifting of the dark aura around the Keep and decide to leave while they could.

Only one other area remained to investigate the western door from the room north of the trapped room. A narrow hallway led to a startlingly clean area of halls and nooks – the dust-free envrionment explained by the large cube of transparent goo that emerged from one of the niches and engulfed Content Not Found: biri.

While battling the gelatinous cube, the party was assaulted from a southern corridor by zombie-like beings – walking corpses that rotted before their eyes, yet continued to regrow their putrid flesh and muscle.

The cube seemed to find dragonborn flesh appealing, continuing to engulf the paladin, and the corruption corpses threw bits of their rotting flesh at the party, Shinto being their favorite target. Finally, however, they were defeated, dissolving into not dissimilar piles of goo and putrid tissue.

Vanquished Foes

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Session Eighteen

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