Session Five

September 3, 2008

XP Awarded: 300 || Total XP: 1,390
  • Homework Bonuses
    • Session Four – 13 XP – Travok

14 Sowing, mid-morning

After looting the bodies of the goblins, the party explored the passageway to the west, which led to a small room with three exits – a door to the north, a door to the west, and a set of iron double doors to the east. A faint trail of blood led between the northern and western doors, and excited goblin voices drifted from behind the door to the north.

The party decided to check out other routes, and returned to the entry room, investigating the door to the east. Angry goblin voices came to their ears from behind the door, and they sent Raiann to check it out. She found a large excavation – evidently the goblins had been digging up the floor looking for something. The room contained three goblins and two guard drakes, which the party dispatched without too much effort.

The remaining goblin surrendered rather than face death at the party’s hands, and gave them a rough idea of what the area contained. The other door to the north – with the goblin voices – led to a torture area, and the double doors led to the leader’s room, Balgron. The goblin, Blarq, also handed over what little treasure had been unearthed – 22 gold and a magical holy symbol of Bahamut, a +1 symbol of battle.

Returning to the other area, the party crept quietly into Balgron’s chambers – or so they intended. Morthos was unfortunately not as stealthy as Raiann, and the goblins were alerted to their presence. Fortunately, the creatures proved little trouble for the heroes…and then Balgron emerged, a large, fat goblin with a crossbow.

He may have been a mighty goblin, but before the power of the stars, he was as nothing. Morthos moved over, assaulted his mind with cosmic secrets, then sent out an orb of white light which burned Balgron’s mind further, already weakened by the previous attack. Immediately, blood streaming from his eyes, ears, and mouth, the goblin leader begged for mercy, and told his two remaining minions to surrender as well.

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Session Five

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